The Values And Experience To Strengthen Our Party

Bill Quesada Derrough came to his values the old-fashioned way. He learned them as a child from his parents, and he has fought for them as an adult.

An American Story

Bill’s mom emigrated from Central America, learned English, became a citizen and worked as a teacher’s aide in the public schools for 20 years. His dad was an FDR Democrat and child of the Great Depression who served his country, earned four bronze stars in WWII, and worked as a union carpenter for 35 years. Growing up, Bill saw what it is like when a parent loses a job, or worries about buying food for the dinner table and losing their house to foreclosure.

Experience As a Fix-it Guy

As a financial professional, Bill has helped rebuild companies in every state, from auto parts makers in Michigan to metal smelters in Tennessee. In fact, over 80% of the companies and organizations Bill works with have a budget in excess of $500 million, which is greater than the DNC budget. But he is most proud of protecting union workers in the American Airlines bankruptcy. Together with workers and creditors, Bill forced management to accept a plan that saved thousands of jobs, got workers better contracts, saved 100,000 pensions AND paid off the creditors.

Committed To Community and Party

Bill’s nonprofit board service has included the Boy Scouts of Greater New York, Lambda Legal (a leading national LGBT legal rights organization), a San Francisco AIDS hospice, several educational entities and several Catholic charities. Over the past 20 years, he has contributed and/or raised millions of dollars for Democrats.

Bill Derrough and his husband, Alvaro, were married in San Francisco in 2008 and are raising two sons in Brooklyn.